About Us

History of the Beginning

Since our inception in 2018, we have consistently achieved our set annual revenue growth targets and surpassed them. And our investors, merchants and shoppers are happy with our modus operandi.

Best Quality

The products which merchants sell on Tezonnix are always checked out to ensure quality. If you receive any defective profit, do well to contact us and we will refund you. Your satisfaction is a priority.

Co-operate With Us

Put your dormant funds to work and let it bear great fruits with the aid of our nerds, futuristic web technologies and out of the box marketing blueprints on Tezonnix. We have a proven track of profitability throughout our years of existence. Invest now.

Over 20 Million Satisfied Customers

We are active across all countries in Africa and have served more than 20 millions customers. Our pan-African presence provides strong strategic benefits, including macroeconomic diversification and economies of scale.

What can we do for you ?

How can we help you ? Call our customer care service on our phone number —————- or send an email to info@tezonnix.com for anything you need.

Get everything you want from our online store as soon as you have ordered for them. Our shipping time is the fastest in the entirety of Africa because we don’t want to keep you waiting.

Thomas Snow CEO/Founder

Anna Baranov Client Care

Andre Kowalsy Support Boss

Pamela Doe Delivery Driver

Susan McCain Packaging Girl